Boo Prince, Yeah King

I have often thought Prince Charles was a bit of a lamer…the fact he apparently refused to support Salman Rushdie in the face of the fatwa is just another reason to know he is far out of his depth.

What I was unaware of is what a stand up guy Stephen King was:

The Vanity Fair article says that, in contrast to Charles, novelist Stephen King refused to let stores in America sell his books if they refused to carry The Satanic Verses.

He called the head of one US bookstore chain and said: ‘You don’t sell The Satanic Verses, you don’t sell Stephen King.‘You can’t let intimidation stop books. It’s as basic as that. Books are life itself.’ Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Push Back

The confrontation between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliveden Bundy ended with the Feds retreating in the face of armed, popular, resistance.

In one sense this is a local story played out in Nevada, in another it it the first time the Feds have lost even a skirmish against the militias and, I suspect, may come to hold significance in the future history of the Republic.

Pre-Internet the capacity to rally forces quickly was largely confined to governments. While activists could certainly run phone trees and mailing lists, they could not bring tactical superiority to bear quickly. Pre smart phone, activists had to rely on licensed mainstream media to cover, or more often than not, ignore stories in which those activists faced the government.

As the Bundy confrontation shows, all those rules have changed.

Critically, Bundy has shown the militias, non-militia activists and citizens in general that determined, non-violent, resistance (backed with guns) can defeat the Government tactically.

America is, I fear, headinv into an economically and socially very dark period. The hangover from Quantitative Easing has the potential to destroy what little is left of the American middle class. Mass, immigration – legal and illegal – has the capacity to destroy decently paying jobs. The fiscal distress of local, state and national governments will demand ever harsher taxation and collection. The imbalance between prosecutorial power and defence capacity combined with an ever growing catalogue of felony offences will put every American at risk of a politically motivated prosecution.

Brady signalled the possibility of push back.

American history buffs will remember that The Sons of Liberty was founded in 1765 fully 10 years before the American Revolution began in earnest. The knitting together of Liberty activists in the West may very well have begun with the defence of Bundy’s cows.

Redford Gone

Good Riddance.

No, it is not a good idea to use tax money to fly to bury an old communist.

But, more to the point, it is simply insane to have a province as rich as Alberta running a deficit.

She will not be missed.

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Very cool – Spritz

I suspect this is a bit more revolutionary than it first appears. Go try it.

Ukraine and Folly

It was wonderful to see Russia take one on the nose when the corrupt, pro-Russian President was sent packing. However, the reality of the ethnic mix in the Ukraine means that the Eastern side of the mainland and Crimea are not a natural fit for Ukraine.

Ceding that territory or turning it into one or two quasi states would be painful but far better than having a full scale war or an ongoing civil war.

Rebuilding a smaller but ethnically more homogeneous Ukraine should be the focus of the West’s efforts. And, realistically, that is about all the West has the capacity to do in any event.

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Venezuela | Ukraine

First this:

Then this:

The dingbats on the Left don’t want to know. Mass demonstrations and heroic leaders who are real get in the way of the Narrative.

And then this:

Across the world tyranny, Left tyranny, is under siege.

With luck, and God’s help, the people, the real people, will win.

Which, delightfully, will spoil the Dawg’s whole day.

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Snow, I tell’s ya…

Woke up to a skiff of snow right here in downtown Victoria. At least a quarter inch. Made me feel all kinda Canadian, eh.

Meanwhile…apparently it has snowed elsewhere.


Even Section 13’s penalty section, under which hate propagandists can be fined $10,000, was found by the court to be “a reasonable means of imposing financial accountability for the damage caused by the vilification of targeted groups and of deterring the communication of hate speech in order to decrease discrimination against them.”

The penalty section was a key reason the law was once judged unconstitutional, on the grounds that such quasi-criminal punishment invalidates the remedial purpose of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Now, however, both Section 13 and its penalty provisions are on solid legal footing. national post

S. 13 is a long time dying.

Repealed it has been but the ninnies on the Federal Court of Appeal are happy to pretend that its penalty clause is not a penalty at all. Rather it is “a reasonable means of imposting financial accountability”. Ah, got it. Nothing more reasonable than fining someone. For, after all, there is no evidence at all that any financial harm was done to the complainant. What is basis for the assessment then?

Well, the ninnies are more than willing to provide the answer: “deterring the communication of hate speech”.

Now, wiser folk than I will think that is not a penalty. Just as they will believe a fine for speeding intended to deter speeding is not a penalty. Because they will be able to discern a difference.

I cannot.

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More Climate Hilarity

Back in 2007 – in a post I cannot find anymore – I suggested that the wheels were falling off the global warming bus.

The absence of warming for the past 17 years has pretty much put paid to the ideas that a) global warming is an imminent problem, b) that the models “climate science” has relied upon are anything other than bogus, c) that CO2 has a control knob function so far as temperature is concerned.

Back in 2007 if you suggested that global warming might, possibly, have an explanation other than CO2 the flying monkeys of climate change – and John Cross – would descend upon you with shrill cries of heresy and “The IPCC says”. And it is important to remember that the IPCC concluded that having looked at all the variables the only possible explanation for observed warming was the increase in CO2. To suggest the Sun or natural variability was to “deny the science”.

Which makes today’s article in Nature all the more delicious:

From the “settled science” department. It seems even Dr. Kevin Trenberth is now admitting to the cyclic influences of the AMO and PDO on global climate. Neither “carbon” nor “carbon dioxide” is mentioned in this article that cites Trenberth as saying: “The 1997 to ’98 El Niño event was a trigger for the changes in the Pacific, and I think that’s very probably the beginning of the hiatus,” watts up with that

Realistically, the warmists will try to have it both ways: CO2 will still be a warming threat but natural variability, cycles, that sort of thing, can be used to explain the “hiatus”. My ten year old can find the logical fallacy in that position.

Now, once natural variability has been admitted as even a partial explanation, the entire edifice of climate is open to question. For example: perhaps the surface temperature record has been incorrectly adjusted. Perhaps there is more to the Urban Heat Island effect than was originally supposed. Perhaps the sensitivity of temperature to CO2 is close to 1 degree per doubling than to 4.

When a theory goes wrong it goes wrong in every particular. You can’t pick and choose. If natural variability is implicated in the observed hiatus then it is also implicated in the observed warming which preceded the pause (if pause it is.) The models do not include the oceanic cycles and, if those cycles matter as Trenberth now suggests they do, the models must be junked and begun again from scratch.

Ultimately, the implication of the Nature article is that, on the evidence, the null hypotheses, namely that CO2 is not significantly responsible for increases in temperature, has survived the worst climate science can do.

The policy implications are extraordinary. Essentially, the world is spending a billion dollars a day to reduce the emission of a substance which, on the evidence, has little or nothing to do with climate change.

That should stop. Now.

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Ha, ha, ha: A&E caves on Phil Robertson

Not really a surprise.

Proof that sticking to your guns will defeat sanctimonious censors.

(Robertson’s remarks are one of the many reasons I have zero time for fundamentalist Christians; nut he has a right to his opinion no matter now misguided. The gay Taliban will not be happy but push back is critical when they try to have people silenced.)


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