A gift more precious than diamonds

As our dear Queen gets rained on and screeched at, the United Kingdom has one wonderful gift: it is not part of the Euro.

Sure, the assorted Greek, Spanish, Italian…bailout will make some demands on Her Majesty’s Treasury; but that must be balanced against the very real prospect of the collapse of the Euro and the possibility that the EU itself will not survive the coming crunch.

In the wake of Merkel, he is also saying that, if the euro fails, the EU will fall apart. Greece threatens to sink into chaos and then the incipient run on the banks in Spain, Italy and France “will trigger an avalanche that buries Europe”. Without the euro, Europe will disappear from the political world stage. george soros, quoted at EU Referendum

This would, of course, be the greatest gift the United Kingdom could hope for: final end to the delusion of Europe.


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