So Where has Kevin Michael Grace Gone?

Old bloggers will remember KMG. Stalwart defender of the socons, erudite on everything from film to baseball…so where is he?

Right here

Jeremy Paxman would have demanded that Harper explain his extraordinary statements of September 15 and 26 and October 10, 2008: “My own belief is, if we were going to have some sort of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now”; “The only way there is going to be a recession is if they’re [the Liberals] elected”; and “This country will not go into recession next year.” Golly, this was well past mid-2008, and yet he doesn’t sound worried, does he?

Keep in mind that Harper’s statements were made concurrent with (but mostly after) the firesale of Bear Stearns, the collapse of IndyMac Bank, the seizure of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the firesale of Merrill Lynch, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the AIG bailout and the seizure (and subsequent firesale) of Washington Mutual.

Only an economist could have got 2008 that wrong.

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