Little Green Idiots

Under the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ (CCPA) plan, funding for new government spending in green energy projects, subsidies for building retrofits and massive public transit expansion would come from a carbon tax of $200 per ton by 2020.

“That’s the engine that makes it go,” said the report’s author, Marc Lee.

Lee acknowledged the tax would cause transportation costs to spike.

“That would basically make Canadian gas prices more like gas prices in Europe,” said Lee. woodstock sentinel review

Love it!

The best part about hippie economics is that there is no danger at all that they will be implemented.

As the world cools, or at least does not get any warmer, these dimwits are trying to pretend that the infinitesimal amount of CO2 Canada is pumping out needs to be reduced to effectively zero by way of confiscatory carbon taxes. And the surge of political support for such useless taxes?

Not actually there. The CAGW/Green/hysterical agenda has fallen off the table politically in Canada. It simply never comes up except with American funded Suzukites block pipelines with endless “submissions”.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives would get about as much traction advocating for mass mandatory female genital mutilation for cultural accommodation purposes. You’re done kids…go home.

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3 thoughts on “Little Green Idiots

  1. John Cross says:

    Hi Jay: good to see you are back. Care to defend your assertion that the world cools?


    • climate truther says:

      You do know that that the earth has undergone both ice ages and intense warming periods before humans arrived on the planet don’t you?

      Plus, the statistics-the real ones as opposed to the ones manipulated by Mann and his ilk-show a cooling trend, not a warming trend.

      • John says:

        Climate Truther:

        First point – agree, never said otherwise.
        Second point – please show your work.

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