Where, except in the Globe and Mail

Would Jeffrey Simpson still have a job?

Where, except on the Conservative backbench, would one get someone like Pierre Poilievre, MP? He said: “This Prime Minister will not force hard-working Canadian taxpayers to bail out sumptuous euro welfare-state countries and the wealthy bankers that lend to them.” Here is blind ideology blended with profound parochialism of the kind that is giving Canada a well-deserved reputation for being increasingly an outlier, except when it comes to military interventions. globe and mail

Let’s be an outlier.

I don’t think there is a Canadian taxpayer who wants to give a private sector Greek hairdresser a pension at 50 or who is thrilled to give a French “worker” a pension at 60 when he or she has to work to 65 (or older) to qualify for our own pension plan.

But here’s Jeff’s real point:

the government is cutting foreign aid by $319-million and taking $170-million from Foreign Affairs and International Trade….(How do you think Mr. Harper was one of the first world leaders to phone the newly elected President of France, François Hollande? Because the Canadian embassy in France worked hard to get Mr. Hollande’s personal cellphone number. That’s called diplomatic work.)

What a dolt. For 50 Euros any one of a couple of hundred French journos would have given up the Hollande number. And, more to the point, how happy do you think M. Hallande was to have our Steve call him on his personal cell? “Merde! Now I have to change the number else the Big “0” will call because he has the whole damn CIA to get the thing.”

Please, Jeff, before you embarrass yourself any further…retire.

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One thought on “Where, except in the Globe and Mail

  1. Another stupid statement: “Canada, therefore, stands alone with the United States…” If we’re with the U.S., we aren’t standing “alone.”

    Sadly the idiotic sycophant readers of the Glop & Flail seem to overwhelmingly support throwing Canadian tax dollars at lazy foreign entitlement monkeys.

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