Terry Wilson rides again!

Hate Crimes Horseman Terry Wilson was in on the raid on odious Arthur Topham’s trailer.

Apparently, as a condition of his release Topham must
“abstain from communicating directly or indirectly with Richard Warman
or Harry Abrams.”


Update: It is not obvious that the RCMP per se has anything to do with “New Westminster police detective Terry Wilson”. Not terrifically significant but dealing with this sort of self rightous dimwit one wants to be accurate.


7 thoughts on “Terry Wilson rides again!

  1. Maikeru says:

    First off, Happy Father’s Day Jay !
    You’ve set a marvellous example for your own kiddies, and are testament to your own Dad’s fine qualities.

    Some fathers are real, and others fictitious, such as the Mr. Macdonald who cyber-sired Jen and her brother Conrad:

    In your former blog, characterized affectionately as ‘Jay Currie – Lingerie and Smoking Jackets’, was very popular:
    not the least reason being the broad spectrum of personalities commenting there.

    Even absent from the interscene, while taking a well deserved break from political commentary, your name continued to be associated with the wacky world of CHRA Section 13.

    Now that you’ve lit the fuse on the police counterpart of CHRActivist Richard Warman, I look forward to the big bang…=)

    • jaycurrie says:

      You have to wonder why odious Arthur is enjoined from communicating with Lucy or Harry.

      Of course, you also have to wonder where Horseman Wilson gets off shaking down odious Arthur. I mean, realistically, Arthur’s revolting remarks about Zionists are well within the Greg Felton/Rabble limits of revolting but acceptable discourse about Israel.

      And you also have to wonder about the conditions on the “release order”. And there might be a question or two about odious Arthur’s s. 8 Charter Rights.

      As suspicious person might think that this is an end run around the political decision to kill s. 13. But surely no Horseman would involve himself and the pride of the Force in such a nefarious activity. And, hey, if this is the Criminal Code (and that is only guess work at this point) doesn’t the provincial or federal AG have to ok charges?

      • I am absolutely gobsmacked that anyone would take Topham’s rants seriously in the first place. I hadn’t heard of his Radical Press website before this so I went and had a gander. What a complete, flaming, whackdoodle.

        The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Really?!?

        The garbage posted there would fit in with the Friday night conversations in the local psych ward. Dude doesn’t need a gag order so much as he needs a large shot of Haldol in the ass. Delusional nutbag.

  2. jaycurrie says:

    Even odious whackjobs like Arthur do not deserve the level of abuse he has, apparently been subjected to at the hands of the BC Hate Crimes Team. I mean seriously, no access to the internet as a condition of release? Really?

    But yes, Sean, I am entirely with you on the substance of odious Arthur’s rants.

    However, the whole point of free speech (and due process and s. 8 of the Charter) is to protect the rights of even the nuttiest unless and until they actually pose a real threat to real people.

    Calling for the abolition of the state of Israel or posting an early 19th century forgery is certainly the act of a whackdoodle – but it is a danger to no one.

    • I can’t see the guy being a threat to more than his own employment and social prospects. In my parts we describe his type as being “all hat and no cattle”.

      I agree that his persecution is an abuse of his rights and an even more egregious abuse of taxpayer dollars. Surely there are other unsolved crimes the police could be concentrating their meagre resources on? Rapes? Murders?

  3. […] One has to wonder what Detective Constable Wilson will be doing with the fruits of his search and seizure of the odious Arthur’s property? Will he extend the courtesy he extended to Steacy of the CHRC to the two individuals whom the odious Arthur is not allowed to communicate with? […]

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