Detective Wilson aka The Evidence Fairy

Our new friend Det. Constable Terry Wilson is a very generous man. Having obtained a warrant to search an apartment in order to investigate “uttering threats against property and persons, and counselling the indictable offences of murder and of property damage” (see below) when CHRC hate sniffer Dean Steacy “went to him (Wilson)” he was kind enough to turn over the fruits of his search:

MR. CHRISTIE: Right. Now, what
18 information did the Human Rights Commission obtain from
19 the London City Police Service?
20 MR. STEACY: I obtained the police
21 report from Detective Wilson and I obtained a CD from
22 Detective Wilson for Mr. Scott Richardson’s hard drive.
23 MR. CHRISTIE: And it wouldn’t have
24 been possible for you to get that hard drive by any
25 other means; would it? (cite page 5933, lines 17-25

It is, to say the least, an interesting use of evidence obtained by way of a criminal search warrant.

Perhaps Det. Constable Wilson will be similarly generous with the CHRC in the matter of the odious Arthur Topham should the CHRT ever hear the case – which it won’t, which may be why odious Arthur was arrested, had his computer seized and was banned from the internet as a condition of his release. And I wonder who might have suggested that?

Hello, BC Civil Liberties Union?


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