Just-us served

Our new friend Det. Constable Terry Wilson apparently did not let too much get in the way of his desire to share his happy cache of evidence with entirely unrelated parties. He was more than happy to let Steacy of the CHRC in on the fruits of his search. After all, Steacy of the CHRC was investigating a complaint from none other than the hate-sniffer general, Richard Warman.

17 MR. STEACY: No, I wouldn’t
18 characterize it like that. I was investigating the
19 Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team, et al complaint and
20 during the course of investigation I interviewed
21 Detective Wilson and he provided me that information.
22 I didn’t specifically go out and ask
23 him to go get Mr. Scott Richardson’s hard drive and
24 give me a copy of it, he advised me that it was there
25 and I asked for a copy, to the best of my recollection,

1 and he said I could have a copy and he sent me a CD.
2 MR. CHRISTIE: And you didn’t have a
3 search warrant for that?
4 MR. STEACY: No, I didn’t.
5 MR. CHRISTIE: So, I take it that
6 your position is that the police department who obtain
7 a search warrant for criminal purposes can simply take
8 that information acquired under a search warrant for
9 that purpose and give it to you on request; correct?
10 MR. STEACY: Yes.
11 MR. CHRISTIE: Mm-hmm. Did you ask
12 Mr. Wilson if he informed the Justice of the Peace when
13 he got the warrant that he was going to distribute
14 copies of the hard drive to people who asked for it?
15 MR. STEACY: No, I didn’t.
16 MR. CHRISTIE: Have you ever been
17 allowed to receive a search warrant in which you said,
18 I’d like to get these things and I’m just going to
19 distribute them to whoever asks for them? (cite p 5936-5937)

One has to wonder what Detective Constable Wilson will be doing with the fruits of his search and seizure of the odious Arthur’s property? Will he extend the courtesy he extended to Steacy of the CHRC to the two individuals whom the odious Arthur is not allowed to communicate with?

For the moment we do not know. But our new friend has certainly shown form.


One thought on “Just-us served

  1. Maikeru says:

    One wonders whether Mr. Richardson was given a copy of the CD, as was Complainant Mr. Warman, or whether his eguipment was simply returned.
    (It’s obvious he didn’t have a copyright on his HD contents.)

    It seems like only yesterday that police were scrambling to justify lawful access laws:

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