Private Police

Our new friend Det. Constable Terry Wilson seems blessed with a nose for Nazis (real and imagined). Just a few years ago he sniffed some out in London Ontario.

Went into undercover mode (much favoured by super-dooper whooper Human Rights secret agents) “Mr. Wilson adopted a pseudonym and began participating in some of the chat lines he was monitoring.” cite para 75

Wilson cleverly infiltrated the basement Nazi organization and signed up for their, no doubt disgusting, newsletter. “When Mr. Wilson viewed the September 14, 2001, issue of the newsletter, (which I have already determined contains some of the Hate Messages in this case), he opened a separate criminal investigation on what he perceived as death threats found therein.” cite para 77

The evil basement Nazi was charged “Mr. Richardson was found in the apartment when the police entered and was arrested. He was charged with uttering threats against property and persons, and counselling the indictable offences of murder and of property damage. cite para 77

Did the vile SOB go to the slammer? Well no. In fact, the charges the excitable Mr. Wilson brought were later dropped. “[105] In the end, the Crown prosecutor apparently decided to withdraw the criminal charges against Mr. Richardson and Mr. Kulbashian before going to trial. According to Mr. Wilson, the Crown concluded that there was no reasonable expectation of conviction on the charges laid against them. cite para 105

But the raid was not in vain…stay tuned for the next episode in which Terry Wilson demonstrates his evidence handling skills.

One thought on “Private Police

  1. […] and persons, and counselling the indictable offences of murder and of property damage” (see below) when CHRC hate sniffer Dean Steacy “went to him (Wilson)” he was kind enough to turn […]

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