Steyn! on s. 13 and the idiots who loved it

There is no point in excerpting Mark’s brilliant piece on the demise of s. 13 and his kind words for the people who supported it and used it. All the usual suspects: Bernie, Lucy and the Jackal

One thought on “Steyn! on s. 13 and the idiots who loved it

  1. Maikeru says:

    Mark reiterated some of the remarks he made to the [Oct. 5, 2009] ‘Parliamentary Subcommittee Hearings’, where he and Ezra were given their audience with Parliamentarians, including former BC Attorney and Premier – Ujjal Dosangh.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mark, and shaking his hand, during the BCHRT/Elmasry v Macleans/Steyn Hearings here in Beautiful BC, which proves the adage that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

    Bonus: Here’s a delightful video of Steyn outside the Vancouver Hearing room on June 6, 2008 scrumming with reporters.
    Bear with the first 45 seconds of poor sound, as the videographer got the setting right thereafter, and Steyn also got nicely warmed up =)

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