Nick Clegg really is a Wanker

The Deputy Prime Minister will announce a series of last minute concessions to critics of his much-cherished proposals for a mainly-elected Second Chamber of Parliament when he publishes the Lords reform Bill today.

However, there was little indication that rebel Tories would be appeased, with four ministerial aides poised to quit the government in order to vote against the Bill.

Up to 100 Tory backbenchers have formed a group aimed at blocking the reforms and Ed Miliband announced that Labour would oppose the government’s plan to speed the Bill through Parliament. telegraph

With the Euro burning and the EU on the edge it there a more idiotic crusade than to make the House of Lords an elected assembly with proportional representation and 15 year terms…It would be hard to imagine anything less important to the fate of the United Kingdom.

But Nick comes through in the pinch.

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