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Connie and Mark have been the targets of our old pal Richard Warman and, in the instant case, Dr.Dawg,aka Ms. Mew and John Baglow.

They won summary judgement – namely a finding that Dawg did not present a case they needed to answer – but he appealed and, while the Court of Appeal agreed that there was, essentially, no case, they none the less decided that the case raised questions of public interest which demanded a full trial. And then the ninnies on the bench assessed costs against Connie and Mark.

Which means they need $14,000 to continue the fight against a meritless bit of lawfare.

If you have a few dollars please send them Connie and Mark’s way.

Hit this link:

(The funny part of this is that Dawg is well aware he has no case…he is following the well trodden path of Lucy and simply running up the meter. It is despicable but unsurprising.)


5 thoughts on “Costs

  1. Thank you, Jay! I didn’t see this until now! We really appreciate the support!

  2. truewest says:

    Welcome back. You’ve been missed.
    Nice to see you’re still misreading legal decisions.
    The OCA did not say that Dawg did not have a case. It said that key issues in a defamation case, such as whether accusing someone of being a “supporter of the Taliban” is an opinion (and thus protected by fair comment) or an allegation of fact, were matters that required a full record to assess. And, of course, the Court was right in saying that; even under the expanded powers to grant summary judgment, this wasn’t something that could be disposed of without some form of trial. It is not, as the court noted, a documents case.

  3. Maikeru says:

    Truewest, re:
    The OCA did not say that Dawg did not have a case.

    Well, that’s reassuring.
    If the fellow keeps digging, he’s sure to find the doggone boner down there somewhere.

    It’s fitting and proper that the Fourniers of FreeDominion bring their expert opinion to the Courts, as they operate the best of Canadian internet discussion forums, and have had to navigate their site through the turbulent waters of legal cyber-feelings.

    Past and present FreeDominion members include Harry Abrams, Arthur Topham, Dean Steacy, Michael J. Murphy, Marc Lemire, Skippystalin, John Baglow, Roger O’Donnell, Jay Currie, Nosferatu200, and Edward Kennedy.

    Lurkers known to FreeDominion include Canadian Human Rights Commission (office edition), Reality Bites, Richard Warman, ‘Anti-Racist Canada’, and yourself.

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