Garage Sale Moment

Sam, my 11 year old, and my wife are huge garage sale mavens. His younger brother, Max and I prefer a Saturday morning lie in.

Today, as I was weeding the garden a pick-up pulled into our driveway. Out hoped Sam. “Got a compressor for free, Dad.” And he had. A home built 5 gallon compressor which a kind man, seeing the kid pulling the monster up a hill, had put in the back of his truck. Mum held the bikes as Sam brought his prize home. Plugged it in and it works. (Sam had actually checked this before beginning the long haul.) It’s a bit loud but that is the nature of compressors.

Now he is off scouring the net for cheap air tools.

Beats the heck out of Nintendo.

3 thoughts on “Garage Sale Moment

  1. Hooray! Good for your little guy!

  2. Maikeru says:

    Encourage Sam to invent some air-powered kitchen appliances, and retire on the management fees…=)

  3. […] days it is all about compressed air. When an 11 year old finds a free compressor you know you are going to be inflating all manner of things. The best part of the free compressor […]

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