$5,5664 to go.

Free Dominion has been invited by the Courts to pay Dr. Dawg $14,000 in costs and then litigate the dimwit’s purported defamation – which the dummy apparently republished through a sockpuppet.

Important legal issues are at stake.

Go help Connie and Mark raise the last 6k. Go here and give.

As our old public service union organizing pal knows, there is nothing stronger than the grass roots.

6 thoughts on “$8,436!

  1. Maikeru says:

    $ 9,240
    $ 4,760 more needed to fund John Baglow’s cyber-hara-kiri Courtroom event.
    Help shape tomorrow’s internet in Canada, with a donation today:

    Until now, donations to FreeDominion fund-raising efforts, for legal litigation, were by members of the forum.

    For a limited period, anyone in the world can donate to a very worthwhile cause here in Canada – protecting freedom of speech from censorship doubletalk.

  2. Maikeru says:

    $10K reached…=)

  3. Maikeru says:


  4. Maikeru says:


  5. Maikeru says:


  6. […] friends at FreeDominion are under attack by leftists, who are determined to shut down their conservative website through relentless […]

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