Flash Black

You’ve read the story about the black kids flash mobbing a Wal-Mart.

Stuff happens and there have been flash mob incidents as well as “wildings” occuring in the US for a couple of years.

But the Jacksonville flash mob has gained a good deal of mainstream media attention.

So now the question is whether there will be more of this sort of directed riot in US cities.

Copycat flash mobs would hardly be a surprise…especially in an age of twitter, texting and facebook. Sort of Arab Spring with merch.

One thought on “Flash Black

  1. Sammy says:

    Been a couple of mass murders by white people again this week. If I were you, I’d advise your readers to keep a healthy distance from white people for a while. Don’t go into white majority areas. If you see a white person walking towards you down the street, cross to the other side. Also…. remember your rights. If a suspicious white person is walking around your neighbourhood with a hoodie on, you are well within your rights of self defence to shoot them.

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