Less Credible than CAIR

“proven track record that speaks to the success of his strategies”

Who? The Jackal? Nope. Ernst Zundel? Nope. Bernie Farber? Nope….then it has to be our old friend…Richard Warman.

The man who single handedly provided the pretext for getting rid of s.13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is going to be speaking North American Muslim Foundation’s Conference on Islamophobia in Toronto later this month.

Good choice guys.

(And Lucy, really want to be associated with these folks…really?

Take it away Ezra:


One thought on “Less Credible than CAIR

  1. The Gentile says:

    Damn it Jay, where’s the link regarding Lucy’s where an when’s appearance at the upcoming Islamist supporting event?

    BTW, keep up the new blog.

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