Avast: Zero Pirate attacks

Ships’ captains have been taught how to accelerate and evade attack. Hulls are now festooned with barbed wire and powerful water hoses to deter pirates as they try to climb aboard.

“All this has come at the same time as the quantum increase in the use of private armed security contractors, who have to date had a 100 per cent success rate preventing hijacks” said Rear Adm Potts….

“The naval forces would perhaps dispute this, but I would say that private security is by far the major factor, not the warships,” said Stig Jarle Hansen, a Norwegian expert on Somali piracy.

“Pirate commanders I have spoken to onshore tell me that its those armed guards they’re most afraid of.”


Mercs work!


One thought on “Avast: Zero Pirate attacks

  1. Maikeru says:

    A brief history of piracy…=)

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