Good News..I think

CAIRO — Hecklers and angry mourners chased Egypt’s new prime minister from the military funeral Tuesday of 16 border guards killed in an ambush by militants in the Sinai peninsula.

Bodyguards rushed Prime Minister Hesham Kandil to safety as mourners yelled, “You killed them, you dog,” Egypt’s state-run Ahram Online website reported.

The scene highlighted the anger many Egyptians feel over the government’s inability to stem an escalating Islamic militancy along Egypt’s border with Israel. In the Sunday attack, masked gunmen killed the border guards and hijacked a pair of armored vehicles in a plan to attack an Israeli border post.  la times

A setback for the Muslim Brotherhood is grand news for Egypt.

Ultimately Egypt has to decide if it wants a neighbourhood in the Middle East or get into a shooting war. So far the Army has opted for a neighbourly approach, sealing tunnels and calling in air strikes on the terroist encampments.


How long this will last is another thing altogether.

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