Ya think?

But Abacus also polled Canadians on how they felt Quebec should be treated while it still remains a part of Canada. The answer? Equally, and if that means Quebec leaves, so be it. Specifically, a whopping 88% of polled Canadians agreed with the statement that “All the provinces should be treated equally, even if it upsets Quebec and risks separation.” Again, that’s not a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to the tenor of the debate over the last few years. But what is interesting is how that massive number completes cuts across Canadian society. Support for Quebec staying in Canada varies significantly across different provinces and by political affiliation, but that 88% figure is eye-poppingly large. national post

While there are still a few Trudeau era Liberals skulking in forgotten corners of Ontario and the Maritimes, the reality is that Canadians are fed up with being held to ransom by Quebec politicians.

I am rooting for the PQ. And I hope they win big and get on with separation. And I hope Harper does not lift a finger to stop them.

Hard core? Not really. Watching the silly Quebec students who pay the lowest tuition in Canada (subsidized by, well, the rest of Canada)  take to the streets over a $1.00 a day fee increase pretty much put paid to any lingering desire I might have had to keep Quebec in Canada.

It is well past time for Quebec to leave the nest and get a job.


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