CBC meet Real Science

The CBC reports a climate alarmist study on Victoria which predicts wet winters, dry summers and higher sea levels due to global warming/climate change. Well worth reading upside down as the overwhelming majority of the comments are very skeptical indeed.

Then, just for fun, Real Science takes a look at 1) temperatures going back to 1850, 2) the tide gauge to 1910: temps falling, sea level, flat.

The sad part is that these facts are not going to make much difference to a Victoria’s Sustainability Department. If there is no change what would these bureaucrats do with their days?


One thought on “CBC meet Real Science

  1. John says:

    The GISS data (as now vetted by Muller) shows a positive trend. Also I suspect the tidal data is not corrected for land movement (but lacking a reference I am not sure).


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