Livid Lutherans firebomb Spiegel

German magazine Spiegel was firebombed today for posting a hateful depiction of Jesus on the Cross… (read the caption).

Oh wait, this is a mature religion which does not firebomb people it disagrees with or even haul them before Human Rights Commission. Nope, the German Christians are reported “angry”.

“I find it problematic when a caricature disparages the very heart of a faith,” Barbara Heinrich, a Protestant official in the city, told German news agency DPA. Local Catholic priest Harald Fischer has likewise criticized the caricature, according to the local paper, theHessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA), as have Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders from the area. spiegel

Not quite the Crusader spirit. No mention of stoning the blasphemer to death. No suggestion that Spiegel be fined for showing the caricature in question.

“Problematic” – a process word, not an action word. And they wonder why Europe is post Christian.

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