Tim Blair owns idiot

Bike riding journo is rude to a guy delivering mattresses. She writes about it and post pics.

Tim Blair is not impressed and beats the living crap out of her pathetic blog.


Elizabeth barely made that point.

Anyway, all hell broke loose. By breakfast, my humdrum little blog had 50 comments and a thousand hits. By day’s end, almost 4000.

Her “humdrum little blog” is promoted by the SMH, where a mere 4000 hits in a day is “all hell” breaking loose.

I was called a pompous prat, a rude and viscious (sic) idiot, an incredibly stupid woman, a small sad person, a pompous git, an old commie bat, an absolute wanker, a poor little suffering Doctor princess pet, a moron, an imbecile, a pestiferous little idiot, a selfish fool, an arrogant conceited woman, an old tart, an old fart, a dolt, lord of the bicycle paths, a wowser, pathetic, despicable, weak, dishonest and a complete f—wit. tim blair

I fear the poor woman has brought a table spoon to a gun fight.

3 thoughts on “Tim Blair owns idiot

  1. Jim-Bob says:

    Seems she didn’t at all realize that conservatives are abusive, threatening assholes. Definitely a mistake.

  2. Maikeru says:

    Jim-Bob isn’t threatening…

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