Fun with Computers

We have a house full of computers – IPods, a busted IPad, my old G5 (with the dead video card),  a quite nice all one Mac in the basement and the Air I write on. I may be missing one.

My scavenger son, Sam, was riding along on his bike and found, at the side of the road, an Apple Airport. Free is good. He hacked it, updated it and plugged it in as a relay for WiFi. But, there is more.

On the old G5 is a whole set of music (legal to download in Canada of course). With the Airport plugged in I can reach the music serving G5 and stream the audio to any stereo in the house I can plug into.

It turns out that my sweetie, Susan, can’t help but dance to the Beachboys played really loud on a Tuesday afternoon…who knew?


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