I was going to huff and puff about the paucity of Pauline’s victory but, honestly, could care less as it was not a victory and nothing is going to happen…except this:

Montreal police say two people were shot inside the concert hall and at least one of the victims was in critical condition. They tweeted a message at about 1 a.m. saying one of the people had died.

A 50-year-old man wearing a blue bathrobe and black balaclava was arrested at the scene.

Police couldn’t say whether Marois was the intended target, but the gunman had made his way through a back entrance and got close to her.

Police spokesman Const. Danny Richer said at least one weapon was recovered at the scene.

Shortly after the shooting, Richer said the suspect set a fire in an alley beside the building and then tried to run away before being arrested by police.

A reporter at the scene quoted the man, after he was arrested, as shouting in French, “The English are rising.” the sun

Yes, I am appropriately shocked at the very idea that someone might even try to shoot a Canadian politician. But I am especially impressed that this murderous asshat was, apparently, able to get in close, in early September, in  “a blue bathrobe and black balaclava”.

Seriously,  is it normal course for people to show up at victory celebrations in their blue bath robe and black balaclava?

If the security guys and QPP could not figure it out, surely the fashion police could.

UPDATE: Lorne Gunter gets the politics about right here.


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