The world changed.

We will never be the same.

While our pals in the MSM and on the left (but I repeat myself) made happy clappy sounds about how the Towers were not about Islam, the rest of us realized that the Towers were all about the dark side of a cult.

The happy clappy continues and to say “cult” is to risk being called Islamophobic – well, frankly, I am. I’m not wild about the Christian fundys or the Medieval Church either. And Leviticus leaves me cold. But the Western, Christian, world has, happily, undertaken the Enlightenment. Islam has not.

In so far as even pockets of the peckerless fools celebrate the end of the Towers they demonstrate their backwardness, their fear, their irrelevance to the modern world.

We remember. We learned.

They lost.

2 thoughts on “9…11

  1. […] And, yes, it was all about “the dark side of a cult”. […]

  2. Maikeru says:

    The world changed.
    We will never be the same.

    Indeed ! At the time, internet communicating was coming into it’s own, and 9/11 marked the first time that the average joe wasn’t entirely reliant upon ‘traditional’ news sources for their immediate understanding of major international events.

    Beyond that, one could readily posit their own opinions or theories, and share such thoughts in cyber-space – a far cry from ‘Letters to the Editor’.

    We haven’t been the same since…=)

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