Reality in the UK

What makes all this even more significant, however, is that it is taking place against the background of a truly astonishing worldwide energy revolution. As can be seen from the website of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, country after country is now rushing to exploit the shale gas that, in the past four years, has more than halved gas prices in the US. China, Germany, France, Russia, South Africa and others all have immense reserves that promise to provide the world with cheap energy for centuries to come. And, here in Britain, determined moves are at last being made to reverse the Government’s grudging negativity towards our own vast shale gas reserves, led by our new Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, who seems to be winning surprising support for his enthusiasm for shale gas from key officials in his own department and the Environment Agency, which has regulatory responsibility for this new industry. christopher booker, the telegraph

The amusing part of the natural gas revolution is that, where it is furthest advanced, ie the US, CO2 emissions are down substantially. Now, whether you believe as I do, that CO2 is a relatively minimal issue, or are an all in CAGW fan, the promise of reducing CO2 emissions while having a steady source of energy is a good thing. And an even better thing if, as appears to be the case, the cost of that energy is lower than other conventional sources and way lower than the bird choppers.


One thought on “Reality in the UK

  1. Maikeru says:

    The universe unfolding as it should…

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