The Real World

Spengler pulls no punches,

Cairo well might become a radical Islamic state, a North Korea on the Nile, as I wrote in this space last month (see North Korea on the Nile Asia Times Online, August 29, 2012.) But the consequences of such a devolution would be limited. With Iran neutralized , Egypt would be less of a threat to Saudi Arabia. It might become a threat to Libya and Sudan. That is unfortunate, but what have Libya and Sudan done for us lately? spengler

A full scale Middle Eastern war would also have the happy effect of ushering the Big Zero from office. A twofer as it were.


One thought on “The Real World

  1. xanthippa says:

    The Islamists have declared war on the USA – both the storming of their embassy and hanging the flag of jihad over it and the murder of an Ambassador are declarations of war.

    So, blood will be spilled, whatever our leaders do (or fail to do).

    All that is left to decide is whose blood, where…

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