Just what you would expect…

From Andrew Bolt:

Record ice melt in the Arctic – 5040 mentions in Google News overnight.

Record ice in the Antarctic: 962 mentions.

6 thoughts on “Just what you would expect…

  1. xanthippa says:

    I do hope people realize that we are in an inter-glaciation period: when the glaciers are in the process of receeding and, perhaps, melting completely for a few centuries.

    It’s that geological cycle thingie…glaciers receede and melt, then grow and cover most of the Earth, then receede again…hence the name ‘cycle’.

  2. Robert Gifford says:

    Jay, kindly read more (in the Houston Post, no less, where one would not be surprised to find support for the simple conclusion that “Antarctic sea is growing, therefore global warming does not exist.”)
    Best wishes, Robert

  3. jaycurrie says:

    Interesting article and thank you.

    The article fails to mention the huge storm which accounted for a great deal of the Arctic “melt” http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/arctic-storm.html nor does it not that the Antarctic ice is at the highest level ever recorded by the satellites. Plus, and let’s keep focus here, the article fails to draw any direct link between CO2 and the Arctic melt.

    I have no doubt that the ice in the Arctic is low. It is and it has been before….So what?

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