Er, Justinmania…

I was saying to an old, and very Liberal, pal of mine that what bothered me about Justin is that I can pretty much know what he will say about any issue before he says it.

This was not true of his father.

Justin as the Leader of the Liberal Party is both fitting and rather sad. There was a point where the Liberal Party mattered. Its faction fights were the fights of the nation. Now, not so much. Is there a business wing to the Liberal Party? Is there a single relatively tough minded, empiricist left in the building? A Turner or a MacDonald or a Martin?

I don’t think so.

Nor can I discern a coterie of able men such as surrounded Trudeau pere . No doubt Tom Axworthy will be wheeled out; but Pitfield is 73, Jean Pelletier is dead, Marc Lalonde? still with us at 83.

It is not that I want Trudeau pere’s advisers to be in the picture; rather it is not clear who is advising Justin. He is probably bright enough to avoid the Jackal; but where is the actual heft?

One of Trudeau’s old advisors told me a few months ago that he was hoping that Justin will galvanize “the youth”. What youth? The boomers, if they bothered at all had two children and Gen-X, with a good deal of whining, seems content to go for the two as well. Schools are closing – no enough kids. And the kids that there are have better things to do (Facebook, XBox….) than to be photo ops for a guy whose father their parents and grandparents fell out of love with.

Justine has six months and no serious competition. The poor man is going to have to convince the nation that a) the Liberal coronation matters, b) he matters, c) that Harper is “bad”.

It might happen. Canadians are, apparently, easily fooled. But I can’t quite see it. By January even the media will be sick to death of Justin’s content free mouthing of the lib-left platitudes.

[Strategically the six month run is just one more sign the Liberal Party is clueless: go sixty days max. Crown him December 10th and take the next couple of months off. It is not as if there are any other candidates.)


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