The Speech Mitt needs to make


We lost four people there. Ou Ambassador and three heros.

We lost them because Barack Obama failed to do his duty…He went to Vegas.

We had drones in the sky.

We had a gunship.

We had F-14s.

We had a rapid response force.

We did nothing.

We stood down.

Our President did nothing to defend our people.

He knew they were in danger. He knew that he had the assets to protect them. He did nothing.

I want your to think about that. I want you to think about those young heros taking down 60 hostiles – just the two of them. I want you to think about their cries for help.

Our President went to Vegas.

Vote any way you want.

I will not go to Vegas when my people are in harms way.

I will not stand down our airforce and our special forces when they can save American lives.

I will not lie to you about what happens.

I will be the Commander in Chief and I will use every weapon, every bit of intelligence, every capacity this great nation has to protect our people.

That’s the job. I’ll do it, my opponent has proven he will not.

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