Best name ever

While Wall Street floods and Atlantic City submerges I could not help but notice that this is the most appropriate to job description name I have ever seen:

Chris Landsea, the hurricane center’s science officer. wsj

One thought on “Best name ever

  1. CGK says:

    I have long kept a list of such names ever since spotting Aikenhead’s Pharmacy years ago in Renfrew Ontario – I believe it is still there at 226 Raglan St. Others include Dr. B.D. Eagle, Optometrist, Southgate Mall, Edmonton; Carol Tightrope was Minister of Sport in Saskatchewan in 1997 along with Tom Thiele, a Duck Conservationist in that province in 1989; Mr Orson Swindle III was an OECD Representative in 1988; Bill Twaddle was Editor of the Owen Sound Sun-Times in 1990; Mr. Albert Rivet’s home built plane crashed near Trout Lake Ontario on March 12, 2001; Mr. Edward Skwarek suffered a crushed penis when caught in toilet seat at Starbucks and sued according to an article in the Ottawa Citizen on December 1, 1999; Ms. Elizabeth Slump, Certified Death Educator and Grief Therapist wrote a letter to that same Ottawa Citizen on May 26 2002; and a particular favorite, Major Gen Robert Eaglet was Deputy Assistant Secretary, Air Force Acquisitions as reported in Defence News in June 1990 – one assumes no relation to Dr. Eagle of Southgate Mall.

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