Hmmm…Datapoints from all over

Right now – 7:50 PST, Romney is ahead in the popular vote by a couple of points.

Ohio is too close to call with Obama up 3 points. Florida is an all nighter. Virginia is a toss up. At CBS they have called Wisconsin for Obama despite the fact Romney actually has more votes.

As long time readers know, I am awful at calling elections but, my hunch is that the more urban parts of the swing states have voted and they have not put the game out of reach for Romney. The burbs and the rural areas tend to have longer count cycles.

I am seeing, or perhaps just hoping for, a “stall” in the Obama count.

It will be a late night.


2 thoughts on “Hmmm…Datapoints from all over

  1. skippystalin says:

    No, this is over. You owe some people a lot of booze.

  2. jaycurrie says:

    Looks that way Skippy…

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