Mitt concedes

Losing is never easy.

Mitt did a decent job of concession.

In some ways it was a speech which demonstrated exactly why Mitt lost by tiny numbers in key states. He was running on programming. He touched each of the bases – wishing O well, thanking wife and family, giving Ryan a boost, wishing America well…taking the silver medal and retiring from the race. At 65 he can do that. And he did.

Mitt was, in a way, the last Boomer the Republicans will run. Hillary will be the last Boomer of all. Nothing wrong with Boomers but they (I mean we) are some distance away from the dynamism which will drive the next elections.

I need to pop down to the pub and pay my bets…so I fear I will have to watch Obama in company. Sigh.

(Note to Republicans – a band of some sort as you wait for the speech is not such a bad idea.)


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