The DataPoint that apparently counts

,The networks are calling it for Obama. Pure Electoral College and one of the closest elections I have ever seen.

How divided is America? Well, 50/50 seems about right. The question is what America is divided about. Abortion? Blaming the current economic conditions on Bush? Benghazi? Obamacare?

I suspect the division is more fundamental than that: half of America, 47% as it were, sees government as the answer. The other half is less sanguine.

In a sense the division is the division between California and Texas. California wants more government it cannot afford, Texas could afford more government but doesn’t want it.

Mitt Romney could not bring home that point. Unlike Reagan, he lacked the gift of simplicity. And, frankly, he lacked a willingness to go in for the jugular on one of the least effective American Presidents in history.

Obama, as a sitting President, barely won. He now faces four years of an increasingly fractious American public. Benghazi is going to be on the radar from Day 1. And, once the MSM sobers up from its victory party tonight, it is barely possible that he might face a slightly less sycophantic press.

There is a fiscal cliff looming and, at some point, the end of the capacity to print money in bulk and have anyone take it seriously.

These are huge challenges for a man who has already proven himself pretty limited.

I can’t help but wish Obama well simply because he has an impossible and vital job. I can hope that, freed of the second term concern, he will govern well rather than for popularity.

Could happen.


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