If this is the way America wants to go off the cliff, so be it. But I wish we’d at least had a Big Picture election. The motto of the British SAS is “Who dares wins.” The Republicans chose a different path. A play-it-safe don’t-frighten-the-horses strategy may have had a certain logic, but it’s unworthy of the times. mark steyn

I have an ongoing argument with myself and, at a glance, my pal Kevin Grace. It comes down to this: does it make sense to be politically engaged or should one go and make as much money as possible, nail the windows shut, and live a life as far removed from the hubbub as possible?

My friend Sean McCormick called this election for Obama because, rightly, he was unwilling to underestimate the stupidity of the American population. While I tend to agree, it does not solve the dilemma of engagement. Do you bother?

In a very real way, the attractions of disengagement beckon. Not because Mitt lost; rather because Mitt was nominated at all.

In Canada we have, or at least had until he went under the radar, Justinmania.Not for any good reason, just because the dummies want to pretend that everything will be great if we could just go back a couple of decades.

A friend of mine once characterized the policy of the Progressive Conservative Party as “A better yesterday tomorrow!”

In a sense, much as I liked Obama’s victory speech, he seems to be looking backwards rather than forward.

Which may well be where I get off.


8 thoughts on “Steyn

  1. I’m having exactly the same reaction: why stay politically involved when the masses are so keen to beggar themselves and everyone else? It reminds me of the Palestinians and the Israeli greenhouses in Gaza. When the Israelis pulled out (voluntarily) the locals rushed in, ripped everything apart and sold the fixtures, piping and plumbing for whatever they could get. Of course all production of vegetables stopped and the economic benefit was totally lost.

    Today we have an American public eager to raid successful entrepreneurs (tax the rich), to hobble energy production (no coal, no fracking, no XL Pipeline), to driver farmers off the land (no water) and to print paper money to pay for a lifestyle of indolence, drug use and food stamps.

    Obama’s people are the new Palestinians, ripping up America’s wealth and selling it off out of madness and envy, and we in Canada will be dragged down in the great bust to come. The astonishing thing is how little anyone cares.

  2. Eat it says:

    I suggest you both disengage and go live out in the middle of nowhere with no contact with other living people. It is best for all involved.

  3. I *am* living in the middle of nowhere, I stay engaged enough to know how close to hand I need to keep my shotgun.

    How much of the mess down south is due to the fact that people have just plain given up? John Corazine loses a cool billion of other people’s money. Not so much as a slap on the wrist. Banks lose something on the order of trillions of dollars of people’s retirement investments by creating fraudulent investment vehicles based on illegal loans they repackaged. No penalties. You see enough of that and I can understand why some people just say, “I’m getting mine and to hell with everyone else.”

    So how much of THAT happened last night?

  4. I’m also in the middle of nowhere with a Husqvarna .308 and a CZ75SA.Bit I know perfectly well that won’t save me, or you, when the inevitable collapse comes. Look what happened in New Jersey when the power went out: no gas, panic and profiteering. Then just multiply that by 1,000 percent.

  5. Solar array, hand-built wind turbine (copper from old network cabling wound around magnets salvaged from dead hard drives – werks), a couple of inverters, and some batteries salvaged from the recycle centre and reconditioned. I can limp along off grid with Net access and LED lights. Heating: wood fired stove. Don’t know how long we’ll survive, but I guarantee that I’ll enjoy the sight of useless urban twats starving to death first. That’s something.

  6. Frank you know I love you but it isn’t really profiteering or price gouging when disaster strikes. “Price” is simply “what an individual will pay for an item.” Supply and demand and all that. Cruel but that is the nature of markets. We can’t only love markets when they are favoring us. It is like gravity: shitty when my wedding ring rolls down the drain, but awesome the other 99% of the time. I don’t get to turn the laws of the universe on and off during “emergencies.”

    • jaycurrie says:

      I agree Kathy. And by trying to prevent price rising to meet demand what happens is that gas station owners and grocery stores have little incentive to actually prepare for disaster.

      The gas station in Statten Island with a generator should be able to charge whatever the market will bear simply for having the foresight to make the investment.

    • Point taken Kathy. I really meant to criticize the lack of preparedness not the response to it. Scrub the word ‘profiteering.’

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