I lived in Toronto for a number of years right on the Bathurst streetcar line which would bring the despairing Toronto Argo fans back from their latest defeat. Drunk, for the most part, they would let out the lament above.

Tonight they won.

Toronto, as it sinks beneath the waves of collapsing condos and the McGinty legacy,should rejoice. And thank the Heavens that the current, cancelled, NHL season means there is not pressure on the Leafs to repeat this once in a lifetime experience.

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One thought on “AAARGHGOOOOS!

  1. Chris Currie says:

    Whaddaya mean once in a lifetime?

    Used to live on Bathurst just north of Bloor. Been going to Argo games for as long as I can remember. I’ve always hated the Skydome as a venue. It’s a barn. The Ex was much better, Varsity Stadium would have been a better choice than the Skydome.

    Grandpa was an Argo (1940, 1946-47). He said football was ruined by TV. Heck, he said football was ruined when they were no longer allowed to get famously drunk on the train to Hamilton. Back then they were paid $300 per season, and they all had day jobs. Back then they won the Grey Cup as a matter of routine.

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