As I write the Greens and the NDP are in a dead heat for Victoria.

In Calgary Centre, the Greens have 25% of the vote.

Yes, these are bye-elections and traditionally the crankier elements come to the fore. However, in Victoria, there is some danger that the Greens will take what had been a safe NDP seat. (Which I cannot help but be delighted by.)

Green voters are, of course, odd. They tend to be eco nuts of course; but many of them are simply fed up with business as usual politics. The idea of an effective protest vote is novel and useful. Remember, the Reform Party got its start with bye-election victories.

And, in a sense, the Greens make a lot more sense for the granola-class voters than does the NDP. The NDP has the public sector unions to pander to. The Greens are just strange enough that they need not pander to anyone. Which makes them attractive.

It also makes them a problem for both the NDP and the Liberals. The loonier elements of both would like to embrace the eco frendly, multiculti hysteria (and I use the term advisedly), nuttiness of the guilty female urbanites; but the Greens are stealing their thunder.

Were I advising the Conservatives I would find a way to support Greens in a few swing ridings across Canada. Let them take their loonieness national to the great detriment of the Shiny Pony and the Public Sector/BQ NDP. All Harper would have to do to be PM for life is continue being boring and let the assorted flavours of crazy on the Left beat each other up.


One thought on “Green?!

  1. Good idea…and great closing line.

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