It’s a Merry Christmas…eh?

My friend Blazing is being sued, again.

Justin is happy to speak to radically motivated Muslims.

QE4 is now in full swing in the US with one part of the US government buying the debt of the other parts of the US government. A little understood fiscal cliff looms.

Chinese (aka Asian (and that is complicated)) students are under-represented in US Ivy League schools.

Canadian housing prices are falling off a cliff of their own.

And so on.

Europe, loners with guns, provinces with unsustainable deficits, climate alarmists unable to accept evidence that warming has ceased and CO2 is overhyped, Islamists extinguishing any hope of liberality in Egypt…there is not a great deal to be Merry about.

Or is there?

My youngest son is having his last “innocent” Christmas at the ripe old age of nine. He is suspicious that Santa may not be entirely real. But, at the moment, he is willing to suspend disbelief one more year. The enthusiasm for decorating (he did 90% of our outside lights and almost our entire tree) combined with the raw excitment of it only being two more sleeps is infectious.

Our little suburban village is decorated, filled with shoppers wishing each other Merry Christmas who are serenaded by carollers. Ours will be a “small” Christmas, but it will be celebrated as best we can. Possibly because we home school the boy’s expectations are not all about dozens of expensive presents. (And it is handy that our 12 year old has taken to model railroading and that there is a brilliant second hand model railroad store just up the street.)

In many ways, as the world at large seems intent on hitting various walls very hard, a few days devoted to good food, good company and family offer a respite which is sorely needed.

Merry Christmas.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Merry Christmas…eh?

  1. There may be hope for Santa, yet. I was driving a physics field trip to West Edmonton Mall (the kids have to work out the math behind various attractions there) and a grade twelve student pointed out that ‘of course’ she still believes in Santa. Because there would be no extra present from him if she didn’t. If there’s one thing the physics kids understand, it’s logic.

    Neither of us can fix the world, but we can do those things only we can do in our own communities to make them better. My wife is a teacher and I drive a school bus when I’m not taking pictures. She pushes her students harder than you normally see them pushed in a public school. I drive my route with a Santa hat, Christmas carols playing, and handed out chocolate to my passengers. If everyone could just try to find one extra thing they could do in their own communities, I believe the world as a whole would be a better place.

    Merry Christmas to you folks.

  2. Whoops. Meant to say ‘drove my route yesterday’. Need to lay off the eggnog.

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