Ontario Premier

Normally the leadership of the Liberal Party of Ontario and the Premiership bore me silly. However, Pupatello is the Lying Jackal’s candidate….so I’m rooting for the OISE educated lesbian.

Update: Wynne Wins…Jackal, not so much.

8 thoughts on “Ontario Premier

  1. Deck chairs on the Titanic…

  2. Bocanut says:

    Kinsella’s massive ego claims the 3 judges in Friday’s Rob Ford ruling are wrong and he’s right.
    Pupatello loses.
    The Kinsella reverse Midas touch is working fine.

  3. Bob says:

    I do believe the same thing will happen on the national level

  4. Jay says:

    KIm Campbell

  5. The LS from SK says:

    Kinsella says he will not work for the liberals again.
    Doe this mean he will move over to the CPC?
    He now works for SNN – a bit odd given that his supposed friends like BCL wanted SNN to “die”. Odd friends to have for sure.

  6. CaligulaJones says:

    I left a nice comment on his notBlog (that’s what he insists it is, he even has to argue THAT), and he totally re-wrote the entire comment. Nice, but not unexpected for a weasel. Marriage kaput, SNN barely hanging on, Ford wins, Wynne wins…couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy. Now, he’s taking his toys and going home, the surest sign yet that the Libs are dead in Ontario. He only picks fights he knows he can win (like Chretien taking on a divided right).

  7. xanthippa says:

    It is not widely known, but Pupatello was the one who, behind the scenes, prevented Sharia courts from being established in Ontario.

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