Kidding Aside

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The resignation of the Pope is extraordinary. Likely right, deeply perplexing for my Catholic friends.

It is, however, a rather interesting modern precedent.

Canada’s Queen, (PBUH), is getting on. In fact she is older than the Pope. However, to date, the Queen has shown no sign of abdicating in favour of Charles. It is just possible that the Pope’s retirement might open the way for our Queen to gracefully retire.

I am not saying she should; rather, the Papal precedent might allow her to consider the option.

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2 thoughts on “Kidding Aside

  1. The LS from SK says:

    As much as I dislike the monarchy, if it stays and she leaves – the means charles the plant eater = a death by a million seeds.

  2. I’m rather hoping she outlives Charles, and by any means necessary. God Save the Queen for a long time to come, please.

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