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No Tricks Zone has a roundup of German and Danish mainstream media climate coverage in which – in the middle of a 100 year winter – the dubious nature of the IPCC endorsed “science” is explored.

The Economist, bastion of all things warm, green and very fuzzy, is moved to notice that the sensitivity of temperature to CO2 may be a bit less than catastrophic.

While the wheels began falling off the CAGW bus back in 2008 the fact is that the mainstream media were far too committed to the cause to actually report the evolution of climate thinking. Five nasty winters in a row in Europe has, apparently, made it possible for a few media outlets to climb out of the tank.

It’s a start.


Earth Hour


Man found dead in snow drift Telegraph

Kate’s Spring Roundup

Amusingly, here in not very warm Victoria, Earth Hour has gone unmentioned.

I fear that only we “Hour of Power” celebrants are paying much attention this year.

I fear that the whole “global warming” thing is, well, done.


Hugo Chávez, a former tank commander turned populist politician who used Venezuela’s oil riches to pursue his vision of socialism and challenge the U.S., died Tuesday from complications related to cancer. He was 58 years old. wall street journal

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