The Victoria “apprehended bombing” story is looking a bit shaky on the home grown, Islamic, terrorist front.

Amanda Marie Korody and John Stewart Nuttall may have converted to Islam. And they may well have “inspired by al-Qaeda”; but Nuttall, at least is pretty much all nuts long before he heard the call of Mohammed.

Bad Satanic Metal…Check

Robbery while armed with a Rock…Check


Nuttall was under the influence of cocaine at the time of this recent robbery and has little memory of it, said Morino.

“He came out of his apartment door, struck the first person he saw and went back inside his apartment,” Morino said. times colonist via tom hawthorne

Mohamed Atta this guy ain’t.

Which, I fear, leads me to this question: if you were an eager beaver CSIS/Horseman/super secret agent with a career to make and this numbskull wandered into your sights wouldn’t it be awfully tempting to suggest that Allah/Satan/Anthrax (the Band) would send you 72 Oak Bay Virgins clad in short red skirts and tight T’s if only you put a few pressure cookers about the place?

Nuttall would have walked into that appeal to his not terribly well formed personality without a second’s thought.

I am delighted the Horseman caught these two but I really want to see lots of evidence that Nuttall came up with the idea rather than being fed it by our fearless intelligence services and the Dudley Dorights of the RCMP.

Something is a bit whiffy here.

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2 thoughts on “Al-Loser

  1. I get the feeling this is more insanity than Islamity.

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