It Can Happen Here

I was down at the Canada Day celebrations with my two boys to watch the fireworks. Half of Victoria, and all the pretty girls, were there in red and white, wearing flags, singing “Oh Canada” with more enthusiasm than skill.

Pressure cooker bombs, the same type used in the Boston Marathon atrocity, would have maimed and killed tens, maybe hundreds.

I just finished watching the tail end of the RCMP news conference. Two arrested. Anglo names: Amanda Marie Korody, 30, and John Stewart Nuttall, 39 but, according to the Horsemen, “inspired by al-Qaeda ideology”.

Looks like the Mounties were on to them from the go. But the self radicalization process is, in itself, deadly dangerous.

More as it happens.

UPDATE: Interesting how a) the RCMP at their news conference worked so hard to avoid mentioning Muslim or Islam and now “al-Qaeda” is an “ideology” rather than an extremist wing of Islam, b) comments at the CBC are closed.

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