So, 100, 000 deaths in gas attack has shaken the Big 0.

Rumours of war abound and, perhaps without a UN resolution. (I look forward to the lefties demanding Obama be tried as a war criminal for this omission.)

In principle I am all for taking down Assad. But then what? Much of the anti-Assad opposition is run by rather nasty jihadists.  While there is certainly lots to be said for letting the jihadists take on Hezbollah and the Iranians who are supporting Assad, that could be an even worse blood bath than the current situation.

The politically incorrect solution would be for the West to occupy Syria. Neo-colonialism and all that. But that will not happen because which Western country would be fool enough to take on the job?

Which leaves us with a strategic vacuum. Having let Syria run a full scale civil war without anything more than minor sanctions as a consequence, Western intervention (for all the best reasons) is unlikely to do more than bring a bunch of jihadis into power in a chemically equipped nation. Not an optimal outcome.

Overall, with Syria, Egypt and Libya in various states of war, the only thing which is clear is that President Obama is utterly clueless and his approach to the Middle East has been a disaster. Getting involved in a shooting war in Syria will be icing on that particularly rancid cake.

3 thoughts on “Syria

  1. Isn’t it far more likely that the opposition fired gas shells they’d captured at their own side in order to bring the world in against Assad? It doesn’t make any sense militarily, or politically, for Assad to do it. And remember, both the Christians and the Kurds are on the government side. Why should we back Jihadists against the Christians?

    • Jay Currie says:

      Not really. Assad’dad used chemicals previously.

      The jihadists would have to have captued chemical shells. Occam’S RAZOR suggests Assad.

      Either wayit is a strategic mess.

  2. WTF says:

    Let Allah sort it out!

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