Six of the Best

Let me stress to people, this is not about getting involved in a Middle Eastern war or changing our stance in Syria, or going further into that conflict.
It’s about chemical weapons. Their use is wrong and the world should not stand idly by. David Cameron, Headboy of the United Kingdom

The Deputy Headboy, Nick Clegg, is very certain all this is not about regime change. No, this will be punishment for breaking school rules. No crimes against humanity at this establishment thank you very much.

But the headboy and his deputy are very clear about the fact that the nasty Assad chap is not to be expelled. Nope, once he’s taken his medicine he can continue blasting away at his citizens using conventional weapons. Because actually kick the piece of garbage to the proverbial curb would not be “legal” or is the metric “proportionate”, whatever.

Call me old fashioned but if it is legitimate to rain down Hell with cruise missiles and smart bombs, it seems to me to be just as legitimate to dig the foul little piece of work out of his hole and shoot him.

In other news, what looks to be a fairly senior Iranian has put 2+2 together and found as satisfactory answer: let’s kill the Jews! Makes perfect sense as those pesky Israelis – or in Iran speak, criminal Zionists – have to be behind any attempt to punish Assad.

Now, were I the Israelis I would have to be tempted to, in the general chaos which the US/UK/French action is likely to create in Syria, take out as many Hezbollah rocket caches as I could possibly target. I wouldn’t bother announcing it, I would just wait for the Syrian radars to be hit and then run mission after mission. And I would cite Headboy Cameron’s “punishment” doctorine.

One thought on “Six of the Best

  1. Riley Frost says:

    Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago; baring in mind what you’ve written you may be interested.

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