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Almost makes me want to fly again

I suspect it would get irritating about the third time you saw it but, hey, fun twice on a plane is brilliant.


France…Lights Out

Kathy over at Five Feet points to two articles about first French Jews wanting to get out of France, second, French people in general wanting to leave.

Kathy comments that the Jews probably won’t want to try Canada next. Which is where I disagree. Canada seems to be convinced that we need large numbers of immigrants. (I am not convinced but, whatever.) If we do need 250,000 new people a year it makes a whole lot of sense to try and encourage high value, European, immigrants. French Jews a) speak one of Canada’s official languages, b) are throughly acculturated into a Western mainstream. So were I running Canadian immigration policy I would try to recruit both these fleeing Jews and the more ambitious non-Jewish French people who are fed up with France’s bizarre lurches towards unsustainable socialist models.

And, while we are at it, we might want to recruit Jews from Sweden and Denmark where rising immigration from third world, anti-Semitic, ratholes under the thin veneer of asylum, is making it deeply uncomfortable to be Jewish. Actively targeting Jewish immigrants would help them and, frankly, save us from bringing in more of our own anti-Semitic immigrants from third world ratholes.

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Penguins saved…well, er

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Ice, lots of ice

Things have not been going well for the global warming hysterics. The most recent blow is the inexplicable fact that the Antarctic ice extent is growing. Now the warmies are trying to argue that ice is disappearing from the frozen middle of that continent and it may very well be; but it is a long stretch to say that that has anything at all to do with global warming.

Now, the penguins – if they need ice – are saved. But whether they need ice is an open question – in fact, more sea ice can kill penguins.

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Alice Munro

Alice Munro has given me afternoons of pleasure for years. For her to win that most political of Nobels is an unanticipated delight. (And not just because of the stack of firsts which are presently sitting snug in storage and heading skyward in value.) Here is a link to the write up in what used to be Munro’s hometown newspaper.

The best part is that millions more people will read her stories of relatively ordinary people trying to figure out the perplexities of love and friendship and, yes, even marriage.

(The second best part – Peggy is shut out…forever.)

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Pillow chat

Janet Yellen to be named Fed chair on Wednesday: White House (link)

Dr. Yellen is married to Dr. George Akerlof who wrote the wonderful paper The Market for Lemons which is about the asymmetry of information between used car dealers and their customers (and other things but you get the picture.)

So, as the very brilliant economists snuggle under the covers, can you imagine the chat about US Treasury’s?

I suspect the Chinese can.

Update: T-bill yield spikes to levels not seen since financial crisis

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. commented analyst Julian of Norwich

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26. DON’T BRING YOUR iPADI’m not sure men should even own iPads, but I am positive they should not be at meetings. No computers should be. They’re a distraction and they say to everyone else there, “I’m not really here.” If you have to take notes at a meeting, bring a notepad.


Flat out one of the best business articles I have ever read.

Go, enjoy, laugh.

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