Ford Stays, Media Weeps

Blazing Catfur is the spot for Rob Ford Stays Updates.

This promises to provide fun and entertainment right through Christmas. The great and the good have all suggested Ford, for the good of the greatest city in the world, should resign, or, at minimum, take a leave of absence to deal with his “issues”. Ford has told them to take a hike.

He has been charged with nothing. There is no legal way to overturn his election. He apparently could care less about the fact the Globe and Mail is shocked and appalled and the Star has gone into self righteous orbit. He is unafraid of Oliva Chow.

More to the point, as he is hounded by the Annex dwellers, his popularity seems to be increasing. And, judging from the fact the Globe and Mail and the Star are too chicken to allow comments on their articles for fear that the lumpen masses will express their support for their mayor.

Popcorn, beer…It is such fun to watch the central Canadian media’s heads collectively explode.


2 thoughts on “Ford Stays, Media Weeps

  1. worldeater says:

    Howcum you don’t mention that the Sun and National Post have also called for his resignation?

    That don’t fit into your narrative, huh?

    Just ignore stuff you don’t like to make your point, huh?

    And here I thought the Sun was the paper of choice for Ford Nation! The real paper that gives the finger to those Star-reading Annex snobs!!

    The Sun put out a special afternoon the day police confirmed the video! How do ya like that!!

    Guess they’ve gone into self-righteous orbit like those ‘fags’ (which Rob Ford apparently called Justin Trudeau on the tapes) over at the Star !!

    Well, how do yuh like that!

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