Ford not Shunned…

Ford donned a Toronto Argonauts jersey and even posed for pictures with fans before heading inside to watch the team get beaten by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for a berth in the Nov. 24 Grey Cup in Regina.

Fans gathered around the controversial mayor as he took his seat, shaking his hand and giving him high-fives while those sitting behind him looked angry at having their view blocked by the commotion.

He was mobbed by people who mostly seemed supportive as he left the game — some people were giving high-fives through the open window of his car as he drove away. macleans

If Ford keeps doing this sort of thing and ignores the dimwitted, Toronto lefty political establishment, he can run and win in the next election.

The majority of non-Annex, non-media, Canadians are very forgiving. And, Lord knows, at least he’s not banning doorknobs.

UPDATE: A more accurate headline from the Vancouver Sun:

“Mayor Rob Ford mobbed by fans after ignoring suggestion to stay away from CFL East Final”

Thanks Kitty!

UPPITY DATE: Another Rob Ford video emerges

Thanks Kitty!


2 thoughts on “Ford not Shunned…

  1. That’s because you can always count on stupidity to be in the majority.

  2. worldeater says:

    Heck, Sean – Jay says the majority of Canadians are forgiving – even of a wife-abusing drunk-driving homophobic racist misogynist crack-smoking on-the-job-binge-drinking serial liar. Jay doesn’t know that the ‘majority of Canadians’ don’t vote in toronto’s mayoral elections but we’ll let that slide – the sentiment was so nice…

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