Ukraine and Folly

It was wonderful to see Russia take one on the nose when the corrupt, pro-Russian President was sent packing. However, the reality of the ethnic mix in the Ukraine means that the Eastern side of the mainland and Crimea are not a natural fit for Ukraine.

Ceding that territory or turning it into one or two quasi states would be painful but far better than having a full scale war or an ongoing civil war.

Rebuilding a smaller but ethnically more homogeneous Ukraine should be the focus of the West’s efforts. And, realistically, that is about all the West has the capacity to do in any event.

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One thought on “Ukraine and Folly

  1. Well, you’re right about one thing; an “ethnically more homogeneous” country would be easier to run, more stable, and less volatile than a multicultural one. That’s why we should welcome Quebec independence. Attempting to bridge the unbridgeable gap between British parliamentary democracy and French corporatism and soft fascism has been the continuing issue bedeviling our own country.

    Ukraine would be well advised to call a plebiscite in each of its oblasts (provinces) and settle the issue peacefully. So should we.

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