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Hamas Logic

If you think about it a moment incidents such as the alleged drone strike on a Gaza Hospital (which happens to be where a fair number of Hamas leaders congregate) which turn out to be errant Hamas rockets make a perverse sense.

for Hamas there is no chance of military victory. Their only chance is to muster world opinion to force Israel to stop its activities. To achieve this they need one thing: lots of dead Palestinians – preferably babies and children but any will do. The Israelis know this and risk their soldier’s lives to avoid hitting civilians. So, if Israel is failing to bring the body count up fast enough, what would make sense for Hamas, is to train its rockets on its own population. Lord knows they don’t have an Iron Dome. Not all the rockets of course. Just enough to produce a civilian slaughter every few hours to keep CNN supplied with fresh, bloody, pictures of dead children.

“Resistance” comes in many forms. One is human shields, another is rejecting or violating ceasefires, and another may very well be blowing up your own people “accidentally”. As long as the all important body count keeps going up the barbarians who run Hamas are not going to be particularly concerned as to why.

UPDATE: Oooops.

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Enter Egypt

It is pretty clear that Hamas is not fit to go earn Gaza.  Use your people as human Shields and I say you have lost all legitimacy. 


Chin pullers ask… If not Hamas then who? 


Well,  long before Hamas,  Gaza was ruled by Egypt.  


This might make a lot of sense now.  Egypt is demonstrating admirable vigor in suppressing the Muslim  Rotherham and what is Hamas but the MB’s excitable younger brother. And Egypt could  use some help both in the Sinai  and on its Libyan  border. 


Just a thought. 

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